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14 December, 2005

Changes in 1.0

Well, one of the changes I detailed below has been included. The SQL Server database adapter knows how to deal with GUIDs (uniqueidentifiers).

However, the issue with booleans has not been dealt with - looking at the code I reckon the fault is with the member_type(name) method - which looks like it ought to belong to ActiveRecord::Base, but I cannot find it.

Nope - looking again, it looks like each_member may be the source - StructuredType (extends BaseType) defines each_member and calls canonical_signature_entry for each column, passing a class and an index. If the class is not a hash or array it asks canonical_type to figure out the type name. If that is supplied with a symbol or string it calls symbol_name, if not it calls class_to_type_name. Both of those look like they are doing what is expected of them. So do we have to go back to the database adapter (reporting the wrong type in the first place)? Again, that looks OK (when bit then :boolean) ... still cannot figure it out - my kludgey fix will have to stay for now.

Plus the change in action_controller/request.rb still needs to be manually applied (as well as changing myapp/config/routes.rb to recognise service_wsdl instead of service.wsdl.

And the web service scaffolding still fails (scaffold's method name is nil).

I've got some Delphi to get on with today, so it will probably have to wait till next year.

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