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My name is Rahoul Baruah (aka Baz) and I'm a software developer in Leeds (England).

This is a log of things I've discovered while writing software in Ruby on Rails. In other words, geek stuff.

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14 March, 2006


I've not had much time recently so a very brief update based upon the comments on my "setting up IIS for Rails" article.

Chris Lang ( has sent through a new set of rewrite rules and associated changes to request.rb that, in theory, allow query strings to be passed through IIS to Rails (and hopefully mean that the web services stuff should work). I've not tried them yet but they look like they should do the trick.

Erwin Quita has been having difficulty setting up IIS (getting a "specified module could not be found" error. It appears that the difference between our setups is that I am on Ruby 1.8.2, not 1.8.4. I've not had the time to try an updated installation so I don't know what is going on there (but see below for more on this).

However, I am about 60% of the way through persuading my bosses to let me write a whole new application in Rails (none of this legacy nonsense). As we are very much a "Microsoft shop", even if I am allowed to write the Rails application, it will probably have to be deployed on Sql Server with IIS. Once I get the go-ahead that gives me full licence to spend a lot of time investigating the quirks of a full-on live installation with (hopefully) many, many clients attached. The only question is will this new application make money - if the market research suggests it will (which is my, and our sales guy's, gut feeling) then be prepared for an onslaught of updates as I discover new and ugly quirks to getting Rails working on the Microsoft platform.

And one last thing; it took my Powerbook two years of being lugged and banged about every day before the DVD drive died. It's taken this Dell about six weeks.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this and even more to those who have commented. I do appreciate the interest and hope you all get some use out of this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Thats great! I hope you get a change to continue investigating the deployment of Rails on Windows. I'm currently starting a project for a client that is requesting for stuff to be on windows (Server 2003 + SQL Server 2005), but I want to write the application in Rails. Thanks!

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