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25 November, 2006

Am I being thick?

I've been trying to follow Mr Hansson's recommendations for controllers - CRUD in the controller so it becomes little more than a wrapper for the model. Add extra models for relationships. Add extra models for processes. I can see the benefits - especially when it comes to using conventions to build web-services.

But it feels wrong. Maybe Mr Hansson is much smarter than me and I'm being thick. It just reminds me of this.

Verbs are important. Object Orientation is about behaviour not things. But this makes the "things" more important than everything else. The only verbs are create, read, update and delete. What about do_this, do_that, do_the_other? They become "create a ThisDoer", "update a ThatDoer", "delete a TheOtherDoer". Wrong wrong wrong.

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