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10 January, 2007

Obligatory iPhone Post

It runs OSX!!!!
I bet that's what prompted the switch to Intel processors ... cheap XScales (or whatever it uses).
The Zune looks pretty dated already.
I'm not getting one. At least for a couple of years.


Toxic said...

Bzzzt. Try again.

Macintosh computers run "Mac OS X".
The iPhone runs "OS X". Apple is extremely strict about its naming consistency, and this is no accident. OS X and Mac OS X are different.

Windows smartphones run "Windows Mobile". Laptops run "Windows XP". Technically, it is correct to say "my phone runs Windows", even though Windows Mobile is not an OS that is compatible with Windows XP.

Saying that the iPhone will run OS X is similarly correct -- in name only.

Also, the device uses an ARM processor, not an Xscale.

Baz said...

I have since seen the "Intel is not supplying the processors" articles - although XScales use technology licenced from ARM, so there is some similarity.

Windows Mobile is a OS to Windows XP ... built from different code-bases.

However, I'm guessing that OSX and Mac OSX are very closely related. Darwin is pretty portable, the iPhone must have AppKit and WebKit for Safari (implying a big chunk of Cocoa) and Quicktime for iTunes (implying a big chunk of Carbon).

Baz said...

(sigh) ... Windows Mobile different OS to Windows XP ...

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