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This is a log of things I've discovered while writing software in Ruby on Rails. In other words, geek stuff.

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31 January, 2007

Stupid mistakes and helpful hints

I'm English. Which means I spell English and not Yank.

This also means that I waste hours of my precious time wondering why my constructor is not working when in fact I have written

def initialise(params = nil)

Spot the error?

When using Single Table Inheritance and overriding validate, don't forget to call super in your descendant class, otherwise validate doesn't get called in your super-class. Obvious but it has caught me out.

And lastly, if you are using attr_accessor to create "temporary" attributes and you want to use validations on them, you will find you get a "NoMethodError: undefined method `my_attribute_before_type_cast' for Whatever". However, the following method (adapted from Rails Recipes - recipe 64) will fix it:

def method_missing(symbol, *params)
if (symbol.to_s =~ /^(.*)_before_type_cast$/)
send $1

Basically, any method call ending in "_before_type_cast" will be re-sent without the suffix - so calling your temporary accessor itself.

Incidentally, I can't get Recipe 64 to work with Rails 1.1.6 (not tried with Rails 1.2.1), which is why I came up with the Pseudo-Model trick.


David said...

Actually the error I spotted was the misspelling of initialiZe ;)

Baz said...

Aye ... initialize is American, initialise is English ...

Baz said...

Just noticed I used the English spelling all the way through my "default values" ( article.

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