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24 April, 2007

form_test_helper and AJAX (update)

Jason Garber has updated his excellent form_test_helper plug in to support XmlHttpRequests.

Rather than the clumsy code I showed before you can now test your Ajax form with a simple and elegant:

# test in non AJAX mode
thingy = Thingy.find 1
get :edit, :id =>
assert_response :success

submit_form do | form |
form['thingy[field]'] = 'wotsit'
assert_redirected_to thingy_path(thingy)
assert_equal 'wotsit', thingy.field

# test in AJAX mode
xhr :get, :edit, :id =>
assert_response :success
assert_rjs :replace_html, "thingy_panel"

submit_form :xhr => true do | form |
form['thingy[field]'] = 'doodah'
assert_response :success
assert_rjs :replace_html, "thingy_panel"
assert_rjs :visual_effect, :highlight, "thingy_panel"
assert_equal 'doodah', thingy.field

Note: the fantastic example above also uses Kevin Clark's ARTS plug in for testing the RJS responses.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up that subversion client and get downloading.

Thanks Jason.

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