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25 May, 2007

Great Features you see, Great Features you don't

I love the song "Standing Here" by the Stone Roses (you may notice a Roses-bent to this blog). Not only does it have some of John Squire's finest noodlings, great lyrics and fantastic work by Mani - it also includes one of my favourite bits of backing vocals in the world. A simple "ooh ooh" from Reni. That's not the clever bit though. In the first verse there is no "ooh ooh". In the second verse there is one "ooh ooh". In the third, there are two "ooh ooh"s. I can still remember the first time I noticed it (months after I first heard the song). I pointed it out to my friends and they were all impressed too.

Just a tiny detail.

Hard to spot.

But once you've seen it you notice those same, tiny, details in their other songs. That craftsmanship, that attention to detail, is what made them great songwriters (at least till the Second Coming when Squire shoved Geffen's money up his nose).

In the same vein, I have just spent twenty minutes adding a similar detail to our application. One that most people will never ever notice. But if they do, they will think "that's nice" and for thirty seconds they will feel good about their choice to shell out cash on us. And the feature? It's this:

Spotted it yet? How about here?

That's right - the person object has a gender field and, based upon the gender, it displays the correct possessive - his or her (or their if not known) in the menus. Again, a tiny detail. But they all count.

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