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This is a log of things I've discovered while writing software in Ruby on Rails. In other words, geek stuff.

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12 June, 2007


This post was written using Safari for Windows.

To be honest, it feels a bit weird. There are bugs (cannot import my bookmarks and it made everything freeze for about a minute) but the anti-aliasing is nice and (ugly menu-bar apart) it is much the same as Safari for the Mac.

Obviously, this is all about the iPhone and its non-existent SDK. Plus, as Gruber points out it could make Apple a shed-load of money.

But the interesting thing to me is that it suggests that Apple have kept OpenStep for Windows development on a par with Cocoa. It is presumably the same code-base (even down to sheets instead of dialogue boxes). So what else could Apple unleash with a click of a check-box in XCode? Those fat binaries just got fatter.

UPDATE: It doesn't like tags in the "Edit Html" mode of Blogger
UPDATE 2: It does let you use "Compose" mode (which Safari 2 did not)

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