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11 December, 2007

When Enterprise software will finally get respect

Blackfriars Marketing commenting on Bill Gates' claim that Enterprise Software gets little respect (via the Wall Street Journal).

As someone who has worked on 'business' and 'enterprise' software for most of my career (the difference being one of scale as far as I can see) I wholeheartedly agree. I got sick of being told that the user-interface was 'good enough'. Half a second of frustration quickly adds up if you are sat in front of an application for eight or more hours a day(*).

especially when we confront real systems at work that increase workloads, enforce meaningless restrictions that don't help customers, and sport user interfaces that feel Kafka-esque in their user hostility. It's not surprising that enterprise software gets no respect; it is surprising that there aren't more cases of employees throwing their computers out windows in frustration.

(*) Incidentally, that always used to be my response when people said that Windows had achieved parity with the Mac user experience. Give two experienced users a tight deadline, one on a Mac, the other on Windows, and see who swears the most. Frustration => Unhappiness => Staff Turnover (for the buyer) and No Repeat Sales (for the vendor)

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