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My name is Rahoul Baruah (aka Baz) and I'm a software developer in Leeds (England).

This is a log of things I've discovered while writing software in Ruby on Rails. In other words, geek stuff.

However, I've decided to put this blog on ice - I would ask you to check out my business blog here (or subscribe here).

03 March, 2008

See ya

I started this blog over two years ago, charting my experiences using Ruby on Rails on IIS.

As you may have noticed, I don't do that anymore. Not that I have any great hatred for IIS/Windows/Microsoft - it's just not as much fun as staying on the Linux side of the fence.

While I still love coding in Rails, I'm not doing that much out of the ordinary any more. All the interesting stuff is at a business level - so instead I'm going to concentrate on my business blog (you can subscribe here if you want). There'll still be Rails stuff posted there, but intermingled with marketing, sales and finance.

So thank you Blogger, thank you IIS, thank you dear readers. It's been a blast. See you at 3hv.

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