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14 December, 2005

Off Topic: Songs of the Year

Rish may think it's been a bad year for music but I've probably spent more on choons this year than since I used to hang about in Arcade, Selectadisc and Crash, asking the staff if they know the one that goes "squiddley squiddley doot doot doot with the breakbeats, eyetalian pianner and chunky bassline" (of course, they always knew what I meant).

My top ten, in reverse order, works out like this:

10: Big City Life - Mattafix. Annoys me now but I liked it at the time.
9: I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs. Best band name I've heard in ages.
8: My Doorbell - The White Stripes. Even though she can't drum.
7: Wake me up when September ends - Green Day. In Eyeraq.
6: Dirty Harry - Gorillaz. Fair play Mr Allbran.
5: Hung Up - Madge. As I said elsewhere, her first decent record since 1989.
4: Galvanise - The Chemical Brothers. I've heard it too many times but it's a great record.
3: Welcome to Jamrock - Damian Marley. Apart from Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey y'all.
2: Your missus is a nutter - Goldie Lookin Chain. Last week she went out on a binge, got off her tits and showed the bouncers her minge. Life in Great Britain.
1: Dare - Gorillaz. It's great when you're straight. Yeah!

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