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10 November, 2007

Tiny Details

I've said before that it is often the tiny details that make all the difference.

And Euan has found one such detail:

It knows that my home number is used by both my wife and I so when I get a call it says it is from Penny OR Euan


Whereas the genius that is Stephen Fry says:

In the end the iPhone is like some glorious early-60s sports car. Not as practical, reliable, economical, sensible or roomy as a family saloon but oh, the joy. The jouissance as Roland Barthes liked to say. What it does, it does supremely well, that what it does not do seems laughably irrelevant.

However it's not as good a Fry quote as:

I was walking through a field the other day and stopped to pick a buttercup. Although quite why someone had left their buttock lying around I will never know.

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