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07 April, 2006

The old and the new Classic

Mr Gruber agrees with me (of course, he steals all my ideas!).

Just a word on the old Classic - I was totally failing to install my old copy of Photoshop 6 (no cash to upgrade so Classic it is) - the installer kept hanging, searching for files on my main drive. It had me stumped till I stopped to think about it. This Powerbook has never had OS9 on it (it may be getting on a bit but it's not that old) so I took a guess it was disk permissions (Classic is just another application to OSX and was running under my privileges).

So I opened Terminal, typed cd and dragged the CD to the terminal window (so it auto-completed the full path for me) and hit return. Then a quick ls to reveal the Photoshop installer, and finally a sudo open Install\ Adobe\ Photoshop\ 6 - type in my password and Photoshop ran without a hitch. Not exactly Mac-like but it works.

Although, thinking about it I'm not quite sure how - Classic was started by me, pre-sudo, and runs as a single process within OSX. Then I started the Photoshop installer after sudo'ing - presumably this must be a real process within OSX (and hence it gets my sudo'ed privileges) rather than what I originally thought, which is a pseudo-process within the Classic process (and hence getting the non-sudo'ed privileges from Classic). Who knows what it will be like running SQL Server over OSX!

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